Strangeland: San Diego On ‘All 6′s and 7′s – The Tour’ [Update]

Jun 17 2011

All 6’s and 7’s – The Tour is coming to a city near you! We’re laying out the locales on the tour one by one, in hopes that fans from the cities will come out to represent their town and also so the out-of-towners know what they’re getting into. The 15th city on the tour is Tuscon, Arizona. Tech N9ne and company (¡Mayday!, Stevie Stone, Jay Rock, Krizz Kaliko, Kutt Calhoun, and Big Scoob) will be rolling through on June 15, 2011 to perform at 4th and B. Check out what one fan had to say about his experience in San Diego when Strange Music came through on the Strange Days tour!

“This was me n tech at the house of blues in San Diego for the Strange Dayz tour. It was funny because while everyone was getting autographs n talking to the other strange artists I looked over n tech had barely walked in. So of course I went over as soon as I saw him n it was really cool cuz I got to talk to him for a good 5-10 minutes. Ha n I remember he had apologized for slurring so much cuz he was drunk, he said he had to get drunk in the day so he can sober up for the concert. Another thing i wanna add here is when i was talking to him on the IDG tour in tempe meet n greet i let him know that i have been trying to contact Travis for over a month at that time. I called Trav at the beginning of the tour asking for an informational interview to get inside of the mind of the business genius he is and he gladly said he’d like to help me n to give him a call the next week. I called the next week, the week after that, and have still called to this day and also sent emails and i’ll never forget what tech said when I told him that. He said “keep gettin at him it takes me 10 times to reach him so just keep pushing”. So if you can let Travis know I’m still anxious to get to talk to him I’d appreciate it.” – Andrew Reardon

We had fans call in from San Diego, Tempe, Tucson, and Las Vegas to tell us which town represents Tech N9ne and Strange Music the hardest! Listen below to what they had to say:

Make sure you check out All 6’s and 7’s – The Tour as it runs through San Diego, California on June 15, 2011. Also remember to reserve your VIP Packages for the show, which includes exclusive merchandise and a Meet and Greet with Tech and your favorite Strange Music artists. They’re running out quick so it’s best to get them while you still can! 4th and B on June 15, 2011, see you there!

Tour Update:

The All 6’s And 7’s Tour boomed through California for a stop in San Diego at 4th &B on June 15. Bringing the best live show in hip hop, Stevie Stone, ¡Mayday!, Jay Rock, Kutt Calhoun, and Krizz Kaliko took to the stage to deliver what fans were calling the best Strange Music concert to hit San Diego. Just when the crowd thought they had seen it all, Tech N9ne stormed the stage with a brand new stage set and new hits like “He’s A Mental Giant” and “Worldwide Choppers”. As Strange Music continued their West Coast takeover, San Diego was left fully rocked and stranger than ever.

Facebook reactions:

SD show was off the HOOK keep it strange..TECH N9NE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”

“Just got home from the San Diego show and you were incredible as always! I was the girl in the front row who you were looking at when you sang “i like em thick and juicy, so don’t pilate nothin” and attempting to pretend you were having my tits while moving your tongue around. And I love you! You fucking rock and it was sooo worth every fucking penny! I already can’t wait till you come back! Just wish I could have actually met you! Love you tech

Twitter reactions:

Fan Review

Having been a Tech N9ne for as long as I can remember, my best friends and I were excited to finally see him perform in San Diego. We missed him at Rock the Bells a few years ago because our car broke down, so seeing Tech kill it onstage live was a dream finally come true.

Favorite part of the set was definitely “He’s a Mental Giant.” I had listened through All 6s and 7s a few times, but that song never stood out until I saw it live. With Krizz and Kutt out there with him, the whole crowd bobbed to the music. The acapella section where he rapped all the classics (“That’s how I know my real fans are here”) was pretty legit too. Even though he didn’t play them live, it was good to hear it like it was still fresh. Strange til I die.