Gives Hilarious Review Of ‘All 6′ And 7′s’ Tour

Jun 30 2011

The incredible thing about witnessing Tech N9ne live is that it’s always a different experience. Fans attending a Tech concert for the first never know what to expect, and it can make for some interesting results. Recently, Eric Hess of went to his first Tech N9ne concert in Magna, UT at Great Saltair. Surprised by Tech’s fan base, Hess jokes:

“I arrived at the All 6’s and 7’s tour at the Great Saltair and immediately felt a little out of place-I wasn’t aware that Tech N9ne’s fanbase is the Bloods.”

Watching most of the Strange Music roster for the first time, Hess notes that they all possess those qualities that make an artist stand out. Of course, the highlight of his concert experience was when Tech finally hit the stage and gave Utah another legendary performance. Doing his best to capture the atmosphere, Hess writes:

“The production was awesome. Tech N9ne had these television towers that would set the vibe for each song and a giant ‘9’ glowed in red the majority of ‘the techanina’s’ set. With ‘SEX’ painted on his face, he emerged amidst the smoke from under the glowing ‘9’ and began to verbally slay his audience. He has so much style when he spits. The articulation of his words influences the light show and it causes a crowd to erupt. They were eating out of his palm while the bass kept beating.”

With a touch of humor, the review manages to accurately describe the insanity that can only be lived at a Tech N9ne show. Fans everywhere can join in and see firsthand what it is that makes Tech N9ne the best live performer in hip hop. Don’t miss the All 6’s And 7’s Tour this summer!

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