Tech N9ne: Sexist?

Jun 5 2011

There are a lot of things Tech N9ne is known for, speedy raps, amazing live performances, and even his incredibly devoted fan base. Sexism though, is something rather foreign to the Kansas City King. That hasn’t stopped Ruth Lloyd of from attacking the beloved MC for his demeaning lyrics and shocking stage antics with female fans. The Canadian journalist examines what makes Tech N9ne a detriment to women everywhere. An advocate of women’s equality, Ruth Lloyd fire off some pretty shocking accusations at Tech N9ne. Having watched his show during the Canuck The Industry Tour, she had this to say:

“And the saddest thing about it all to me was during the show when after encouraging very young women in the audience (age range of audience probably 16 to 25, with many of the women being in the lower range) to flash their breasts and using his microphone and tongue to make graphic gestures at some women, Yates also told us all he has a 16-year-old daughter.”

While she does hold Tech N9ne responsible for his actions, Ruth Lloyd also credits him for his unbelievable stage presence. She praises Tech’s work, and perhaps, that is why she feels so strongly that he needs to put his talent to better use. Tech N9ne hasn’t spent much time in the spotlight for his “demeaning” actions towards women, but Lloyd is taking it straight to him. Tech has always maintained that his favorite thing in this world is the female species. It is interesting to see Lloyd’s take on a man who has written so much music about his love for women. With All 6’s And 7’s so close to release, the world is watching Tech N9ne , and it will be a sight to see how the mainstream audience perceives his very sexual music.

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What do you think about Ruth Lloyd’s accusations? Does she have a valid argument, or is she taking it too seriously? Leave your thoughts below!