SoulCulture Reviews ‘Follow Me Home’

Jul 30 2011

Jay Rock - Follow Me HomeFollow Me Home has stirred hip hop’s slumbering interest in hardcore West Coast anthems. Fueled by Jay Rock’s hardened and unforgiving attitude, the album has everyone looking to Jay as the next big star of gangsta rap. published a full review of Follow Me Home just hours after its release. Noting Jay’s thuggish take on life’s struggles, the review credits his unique style:

“Teaming up with Ab Soul on ‘No Joke’ the intimidating lyricist’s gruff delivery and hard on the ear content are given a little sophistication in the guise of a more polished production. But it’s these attributes which give Jay Rock his appeal, as his channelling of the more vicious performers will be welcomed in a climate of rappers deemed ‘emo’ due to their softer stance.”

Follow Me Home is a raw and sincere approach to West Coast traditions made famous by pioneers of gangsta rap. With Dr. Dre and Snoop Dogg approving of the release, it’s easy to see why the industry is so caught up in Jay Rock.

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