Reviews ‘Follow Me Home’

Aug 3 2011

“No Joke” gave listeners a preview of what they could expect, and the hip hop community wasted no time in building a considerable amount of buzz for its release. With the album now available everywhere, has taken to its ratings system to rank the debut album from Jay Rock. Giving it a final score of 3.5, the review notes:

“No one questions Jay Rock’s hood credentials, and his rhymes serve to narrate the current events of his hometown with clarity and sincerity. Complemented by his deep, gritty voice, reminiscent of Shyne and Game, Jay Rock shows he’s well versed in the dealings of street life. ‘Code Red,’ ‘Bout That,’ ‘No Joke’ and ‘All I Know Is’ showcase this.”

If co-signs from Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and Raekwon weren’t enough reason to cement Follow Me Home as a triumph, the great reviews coming out are sure to change people’s perceptions of what Jay Rock has to offer.

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