‘Tech N9ne Should Be Number 1’ – Fans Cry Foul Over Top 10 Tongue Twisting MCs

Oct 27 2011

Technicians Cry Foul Over Tongue Twisting MCs List

If there’s one thing that be can’t denied, it’s the passion and support that fans have for Tech N9ne. The Kansas City King’s loyal army of Technicians does not take it lightly when they feel that he has been slighted, as AllHipHop.com recently found out.

As we reported, AllHipHop.com published a list of their Top 10 Tongue Twisting MCs. Included on the list were names like Machine Gun Kelly, Ludacris, Mystikal, and Eminem. While the list did indeed contain some heavyweight names, it was Tech N9ne’s ranking on the list that did not sit well with fans. Ranked at #5 on the list, Tech N9ne sat below Busta Rhymes, Eminem, Bone Thugs N Harmony, and Twista. Shortly after the initial list was shared, fans began flooding AllHipHop.com with comments expressing their distaste for Tech’s placement. Insisting that he be placed at #1, fans showed just why Tech N9ne is often compared to a Cult Leader.

Check out some of the comments from fans below:

“Tecca Nina is definately my number one. NObody else splits rhymes like the red sea, as he!”

“Respect you all for putting Tech N9ne on your list but number 5??? Really!!! Come on now!

“i dont know why twista is at #1 he has nowhere near as many fans as tecca nina and his lyrical stats r off the charts strang muzic till i die muh fucka”

“Tech N9ne is NUMBER 1!! . . Yelawolf, Twista, Bone Thugs, AND Busta all already said he was the KING of Chop. . .Eminem is not at all Tongue twisting. . talented yes. . But tongue twisting? . . By no means!”

“No disrespect to the other MC’s but if the killa clown isnt incharge of the carnival, than theres no way im buying tickets! hes a lyrical giant and deserves nuttin less than the top. tecca nina till i die bitch”

“You got Tech at 5??? BullSh*t… Tech Tech N9ne N9ne sh*t Im Luvin it!!!!”

“Tech N9ne should be #1 on this list forsure”

“WAY TO REP TECHNICIANS! Again notice almost every comment on this thread is about tech n9ne! STRAAAAANGEE MUSIC!”

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