‘These Are The People Tech N9ne Speaks To’ – DJBooth Reviews ‘Welcome To Strangeland’

Nov 17 2011

Somebody gets it: in a review of Welcome To Strangeland from DJBooth.net, the reason that so many Technicians across the globe have followed and adored the Strange Music movement is explained with a great level of insight, clarity, and intelligence.

The glowing review starts with a paragraph as to what separates the mainstream rap business from Strange Music. One is an “insider’s club” that turns the masses into zombies that lust for VIP rooms, fast cars, and a ridiculous lifestyle that is lived only by few. Strange Music on the other hand appeals to the other side, the real side, to those that:

“don’t give a f**k about getting into that exclusive club, they’d rather party in the alley. They don’t want to hear raps about fantasy lives, they want to hear raps about the complex and often painful lives they’re living right now, and they come in every ethnicity and nationality on the globe.”

After the appeal of Tech N9ne is explained so eloquently, the review goes on to highlight Welcome to Strangeland, citing “Bang Out”, “Unfair”, and especially “The Noose” as standout tracks. To DJBooth.net, this is an album not to be missed by those living in Strangeland.

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