SM Live Episode 49 Featuring Tech N9ne

Jan 30 2012

SM Live Episode 49SM Live had an explosive episode last Friday, with special guest Tech N9ne making an appearance on the livest and most entertaining show in the world. Anger, controversy, and new projects were revealed on an episode that will certainly go down with some of the most memorable moments in SM Live’s history including:

  • The show’s topic: what gets you to your boiling point and so mad that you just have to snap?
  • Makzilla and Tech reveal that the 816 Boyz are back in the studio. One of the tracks they are working on is none other than “Abu Dhabi”.
  • Tech gives a heartfelt and very serious “Fuck You” and addresses a controversial situation that has had the fans buzzing.


  • What did you think of the episode?
  • Do you agree with Tech N9ne?

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