DWAAMN! – Fans Give XXL A ‘Hostile Takeover’ [Social]

Jan 19 2012

Fans Hit XXLMag.com To Comment On Tech N9ne's 'Hostile Takeover 2012' TourWhen news first broke of Tech N9ne’s “Hostile Takeover 2012” Tour, XXLMag.com had the exclusive scoop. After dropping the bombshell on fans though, XXL experienced their own takeover from Technicians everywhere.

The “Hostile Takeover 2012” Tour, which will hit every major city in the U.S., is scheduled for a record breaking 90 shows in 99 days – the longest tour in rap history! Joined by Machine Gun Kelly, Tech N9ne and the rest of Strange Music are gearing up to make this a one of a kind live experience. After XXLMag.com posted the exclusive announcement, fans quickly took to the comments section and began sharing their excitement over the tour. Within a matter of 24 hours, the number of comments climbed to over 357. With so much buzz already surrounding the tour, there’s no telling what will happen once it officially kicks off!

Check out what fans had to say on XXLMag.com:

“strange music all day n all night! come back to Denver CO. where the strangers stay” – GrizzleDaShizzle

hit up st.louis tech! last show here on aug 6th was sick,
you guys rock’d the stage keep showin’em what music’s all about!!!” – Kyle Harrison

“Tech come to Dallas again. Ill definitely come to this tour” – Smooth Demon

“Already know your gonna show love in KCMO!!!! cant wait! this time last year i never been to a concert. this one will be my THIRD! doing the meet and greet this time around!” – Heather


“STEVIE STONE BABY!!! #TeamStone!” – Team Stone

“Come TO FORT HOOD, My husband & I love your music. He would DIE if he found out you were coming here :)” – Brittnie

“by the way Tulsa, Oklahoma here! and you rock the place like no other! Titty town shows Tech N9ne True Love! – Buck Pogo Rodgers

“GREATEST OF ALL-TIME!!! Hardest working overall artist ever. . . For $27, you get a fucking GREAT show. Strange Music and Tech N9ne is the Greatest!” – Tim Kline

“Dude!! You guys need to come back to Norfolk, VA!! The All 6′s and 7′s tour was dope! Tech is all I’ve listened to since then, literally! Oh, you gotta play the classic stuff of course, maybe throw in some of those new verses that you’ve done with Trae the Truth or the verse you did on Midwest Meltdown. It’d be even more sick if you could get B.O.B. to do his verse on ‘Am I a Psycho’ at a random show. But make this show kick major underground ass! I’m hyped as hell!” – Ben Hobbs

“Einstein..and come to st. louis. too many songs to choose from man, but Einstein’s one of my favs.” – Cronic_420

“So stoked for the best music on the planet! Going to every Cali show! Tech N9ne is a true inspiration to music….it goes up!! Play any song, it doesn’t matter, its gonna be crazy.” – Nick Coriaty


“Tech! your music has effected my life so much, your message in every song. It would make my life to see my childhood idol come to Toronto! Techn9cian for life!” – Graham Patchett

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  • What are you most excited for on the “Hostile Takeover 2102” Tour?
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