‘Cuz I’m A Technician’ – Fans Encourage Strangeland To Pre-Order ‘KLUSTERFUK’ [Social]

Feb 21 2012

Tech N9ne - "KLUSTERFUK"Tech N9ne’s KLUSTERFUK EP is just the latest in a long string of Strange Music releases to give fans an exclusive pre-order offer.

The EP, produced entirely by ¡MAYDAY!, will be the first 2012 release for the independent king and is scheduled to crash through Strangeland on 3/13. Like many releases before it, KLUSTERFUK is available for exclusive pre-order, which offers fans an autographed copy of the EP along with a Strange Music decal and an exclusive bonus download of “Blur” featuring Wrekonize.

With Technicians everywhere securing their pre-order, we recently asked fans to share why they pre-order Strange Music releases. Whether it was for an autograph or the bonus exclusives, fans agreed on one thing – “I pre-ordered because Tech N9ne the best at what he does period.”

Click here to pre-order your copy of KLUSTERFUK!

Check out what fans had to say on Facebook:

“I preorder cuz I want that signed copy!! If they drop iTunes with more bonus song I’ll buy that too!! Support the mother fucking artist! Strange!!!!! Music!!” – Rob Haskins

“Cause Techa Nina gives back to his fans for preordering, and I love puttin money in the pocket of the only real artist in the game today! Anyone else but strange deserves gettin free music from limewire!” – Casey Atzin

“No other label beats Strange Music when it comes to making the fans happy. When you pre-order a full on album you get an autographed copy of the cd, free t-shirt, free bonus song download that isn’t on the album. And I support my favorite Artists and just so happens they’re all with Strange Music at that, Except Eminem, but one day he’ll see he needs to work with the Kansas City King!!!” – Dylan Burnett

“I pre-order (purchase BUY) for the music itself. I don’t do it just for the extras but they are a perk.” – Benny Garcia

“Tech makes buying music matter. He packs something special in for those F.A.N.S. that invest in him and stay with him.” – Happy Panda

“Pre- ordered TWO of dis like a week ago haha, Id like mine to be singed by the King of Darkness..that would be dope” – KenOberholtzer

“Cuz I said, ‘I’ll blow this world up if you don’t order this shit’ ” – Carlos Lupercio

“becase im a TECHNICIAN and Tech flat out does not make bad albums, gotta have em all” – Kayden Knutson


“I pre order cuz if Tech did it you know it’s gonna be the shit ! You know what I’m sizzlin !” – Ruben Castro

“I ordered mine days ago. Tecca Nina all day and all night!” – Antonio Coffee

“Bcuz Strange is the only music I buy…” – Heather Kita Shields

“because it comes signed, love your music Tech!” – Michael Ochoa

  • Have you pre-ordered your copy?
  • What is your favorite thing about Strange Music pre-orders?

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