‘We Need Extras!’ – ¡MAYDAY! And Tech N9ne Shoot New Video In Miami [Social]

Feb 29 2012

¡MAYDAY! And Tech N9ne Shoot New Music VideoThe Kansas City King has officially touched down in Miami for a brand new music video with Strange Music’s ¡MAYDAY!

Just a little over a week ago, Tech N9ne revealed that he would soon be headed down to Miami to work with the group on new visuals for their Strange Music debut, Take Me To Your Leader. With recent updates on new music videos and remixes, there’s no shortage of material for ¡MAYDAY! and Tech N9ne to cover.

Along with Tech N9ne’s appearance, ¡MAYDAY! also hit Facebook to announce that they are seeking extras for the new music video:

“Calling all ¡Mayday! and Tech N9ne friends in South Florida! ¡MAYDAY! will be shooting a music video feat. Tech N9ne on Friday evening, and we need some extras for a party scene. If interested and available, please email info@laruemanagement.com for more info.”

With Tech N9ne’s “Hostile Takeover 2012” Tour closing in, ¡MAYDAY! is raising the bar and giving fans brand new content at a feverish pace.

Stay tuned for more from ¡MAYDAY! and be sure to email info @ laruemanagement.com if you are in the South Florida area and want to be an extra for the ¡MAYDAY! music video!

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