Longevity Rules – DJBooth.net Reviews 'Take Me To Your Leader'

Mar 27 2012

MAYDAY DJBooth review

Here is one of the deepest album reviews that you’ll probably read in a long time, spanning beyond the just-released ¡MAYDAY! album Take Me To Your Leader and into the state of music itself.

DJBooth.net‘s review of Take Me To Your Leader points out the fact that this album is more than just a collection of songs to grab your attention, they’re meant to keep your attention as well. With a scope and effort that moves beyond the “Hey, new club banger!” mentality, Take Me To Your Leader has a replay value that is rare in today’s music world.

DJBooth.net says

The fast-rising Miami crew are, however, part of a growing movement of artists dedicated to once again making lasting music, and if they have to lead while the fans follow, then so be it. With a line-up that boasts two emcees (Bernz andWrekonize), a producer/guitarist (Plex Luthor), a bassist/keyboardist (Gianni Ca$h), a drummer (L.T. Hopkins) and a percussionist (Nonymous), Take Me To Your Leader is just as diverse, wide-ranging and complex as the men who made it.

The review fits with the overall consensus shared by fans and Strange Music CEO alike: this is an album that you’ll want to play over and over.

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