‘I Want To See…’ – Fans Buzz Over Next Tech N9ne Best Buy Exclusive [Social]

Mar 23 2012

Fans Buzz Over Next Tech N9ne Best Buy ExclusiveTech N9ne’s next full length album isn’t scheduled until later this year, but that hasn’t kept fans from discussing it thanks to a recent discussion started by Tech regarding the Best Buy edition of his next release.

Tech N9ne recently jumped on the web to directly ask fans what they would like to see included in the Best Buy edition of his next scheduled album. Fans may recall that Best Buy has been the top spot for Tech N9ne releases in the past year with exclusive deluxe editions of both All 6’s And 7’s and Welcome To Strangeland.

Tech’s question to fans prompted such a huge response that the web has not stopped buzzing! Check out what the fans are STILL saying about Tech N9ne’s next Best Buy exclusive:

“A signed medallion or a Technician card with certian benefits?” – Raydell Liss

“Shoe laces and STRANGE music pen 🙂” – Kyle Bolan

“A T-Shirt with the album name would be nice!” – Darien Delusional Jenkins

“Strange Fitted or Snake n Bat charm” – Cory Wood

“Strange music full size flag or strange music headphones” – Mark Kid-Sparkz Ross

“Psychumentary DVD!!” – Mike Gee

“a bonus DVD including some of Tech N9ne’s greatest music videos” – Daniel Wilson

“that be dope a set of small strange music patches you can iron on or sew on shit” – Chris Spence

“A poster signed by all artist along with a madelleon which you always do.” – Red Nose

“Yes a tech n9ne bobblehead!” – Troy Bedal

“Unreleased songs, poster, bonus tracks, shirt, dvd. Anything. I just want more Tech music!!!” – Steven Snavely

“Either Bonus DVD of Tech and Strange or a mix of strange music crossover with other artists or a Strange Music Music video collection DVD.” – James Reaper

“a questionaire journal of personal thoughts and answers to popular questions….. just sayin” – Adrian Xavier

“Exclusive Bonus Tracks are always the reason I pay a Lill extra for a Deluxe Version. So get recording please!” – Benny A. Garcia

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  • What do you think of some of these ideas?
  • What would you like to see included in the Best Buy Edition of Tech N9ne’s next album?

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