Big Scoob Sets Release Dates For Dope Talk Mixtape Trilogy [Social]

Apr 19 2012

Big Scoob - Dope TalkThe date is set!

Big Scoob went to the internet to announce the release date of his upcoming mixtapes, the Dope Talk trilogy.

The mixtapes, whose features range from KC rap legends to hip hop stars, gets its first release on May 1 with the release of Dope Talk Volume 1. The mixtape is hosted by Tech N9ne and features Irv Da Phenom, Nesto The Owner, Boogieman and many more.

  • Volume 2 will be released June 1
  • Volume 3 will be released on July 4.

Big Scoob also announced that he will release a music video this weekend for the song “Real Kocky”.

Stay tuned!

  • Are you looking forward to the Dope Talk mixtapes?

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