Ubiquitous Releases ‘Always’ Music Video From ‘Matter Don’t Money’ Mixtape [Video]

Apr 17 2012

With Ubiquitous’ latest music video “Always” from his mixtape Matter Don’t Money, CES Cru continues their streak of imaginative and remarkable music videos.

Directed by Justin Marmostein, “Always” continues where the “Harmony Of Spheres” music video left off. You would have never anticipated that the sinister gang leader from “Harmony Of Spheres” would be a lovestruck wanderer, but in “Always” his sensitive side is revealed.

The video features unforgettable imagery that is a trademark of a Marmo Films project: blood-red fountains, neon-colored dining rooms and of course, a beaked man with a suitcase.

The result in another memorable mini-movie from CES Cru.

Click HERE to download Matter Don’t Money and The Deevil!

Ubiquitous - "Always"

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