Poll: Best Music Video From Ubiquitous’ ‘Matter Don’t Money’

Apr 18 2012

The release of Ubiquitous’ Matter Don’t Money also came with four more Justin Marmostein-directed music videos. His creativity and poetic camerawork have made CES Cru’s music videos as fun to watch as they are to listen to. With his latest wave he has only gotten better, not to mention his work on the sinister “Ol’ Gregg” music video for Godemis’ The Deevil, which even got props from the original Old Greg himself.

“Roadwork” was the debut single from Matter Don’t Money. Shot partly at Strange Music headquarters and featuring Tech N9ne, the video was a prophetic call for the signing of CES Cru to Strange Music. “Larry David” is a humerous one-shot take down the streets of Kansas City and features Ubiquitous fending off street vultures. “Harmony Of Spheres” is a bizarre and surreal visual tour-de-force with “Always” concluding the story of the emcee with the beak mask.

Ubiquitous and Strange Music wants to know which ones you guys like best!

WATCH and VOTE below!


“Larry David”

“Harmony Of Spheres”




Click HERE to download Matter Don’t Money and The Deevil.

Ubiquitous - Matter Don't Money

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