Dharma Of Dope Reviews CES Cru Solo Mixtapes ‘Matter Don’t Money’ And ‘The Deevil’

Apr 20 2012

Dharma Of DopeThose of you who haven’t heard the solo mixtapes from Ubiquitous and Godemis of CES Cru (in that case, where the @#!$ have you been? Download those now!) and want to get an idea of what they’re all about, look no further than the review from Dharma of Dope.

The independent hip hop blog has posted their reviews of both mixtapes and the verdict is in: CES Cru is killer and by releasing these mixtapes they have allowed fans to get to know them as individuals before they team up for their inevitable Strange Music debut album.

Godemis gets due propers for his originality at the beginning of The Deevil review, as it states that “Godemis shares next to nothing with the rest of hip hop right now.” Songs that are cited as highlights include “WTF Ever”, “We Don’t Believe U” and “Deevil Kneevil”. Dharma sums up The Deevil very well with his closing statement:

“As a whole, The Deevil is a unique, ear pleasing release from an emcee that doesn’t need anyone else to tell him what his style is. He knows what he’s good at, and he’s going to do it better than anyone else whether you’re feeling it or not.”

Dharma then moves on to Matter Don’t Money and starts off the review with a stunning comparison: Ubiquitous is the white Talib Kweli, which is obviously quite the honor. Dharma cites the mixtapes banging opening title track as a great way to set the tone for the mixtape, one where the bragging also leaves room for “deep moments and rebellious wisdom stemming from years of weed smoke and meditation.” The review cites songs like “Larry David” and “Always” but closes with the note that Ubiquitous, as dope as he is, is still a growing emcee. Scary to consider that we haven’t seen the best of him yet!

Once again the Dharma has written up a succinct and well-informed review.

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