Krizz Kaliko To The Rock: ‘Wrestle Mania Is Around The Corner. So Is Kickin’ And Screamin’ [Social]

Apr 1 2012

Krizz Kaliko Reaches Out To The RockBig Scoob isn’t the only catching the Wrestle Mania bug. Krizz Kaliko recently reached out to “The Great One” during Wrestle Mania weekend and had a few words for the WWE Superstar.

Following The Rock’s shout out to Krizz Kaliko and Strange Music, fans have been keeping a close eye on the connection between the two. Readers may remember that Krizz Kaliko even offered to provide The Rock with some brand new theme music for his big entrance. With the Kickin’ And Screamin’ pre-order on the way, Krizz Kaliko recently reached out to The Rock once again to give him a heads up about the brand new release.

As a fan of Krizz Kaliko and Strange Music, will The Rock be adding Kickin’ And Screamin’ to his playlist? Stay tuned for more!

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