Live Interview With Plex Luthor Of ¡MAYDAY! [Recap]

Apr 2 2012

Plex Luthor

On April 2nd, 2012 at 3PM CST, ¡MAYDAY! guitarist, keyboardist and producer Plex Luthor was LIVE on the air to answer questions and comments from the fans!

With Take Me To Your Leader achieving such word-of-mouth success and Tech N9ne’s KLUSTERFUK EP reaching the top of the Indie Billboard charts, who better to talk to than the man responsible for sculpting the sound of these incredible releases?

In this interview we talked about Take Me To Your Leader, KLUSTERFUK, The Hostile Takeover 2012 Tour and see what’s in store for the future of ¡MAYDAY!.



How do you respond to people using phrases like “classic” and “best Strange Music release” to describe Take Me To Your Leader?

Without sounding too cocky, we felt that way. I think all artists feel that way about their shit so it was just good to be confirmed by everybody at Strange first and so far, like Wrek said, we’re trying to find people to hate it. So I guess to answer your question, yeah.

Gianni Ca$h’s production help, how does that make the process better?

Well first of all that’s my brother. He can take criticism so well. It’s so admirable how he takes criticism and how he gives it. He doesn’t take anything personally. When you’re making art it’s sort of a battle and you have to fight for what you want. With him, he doesn’t back down if he really believes in something. There were a lot of times where he was like “Nah, I like it like this” or “That’s whack” and I would come back the next day and be like “Yeah, you were right about that.” It’s just good to have somebody that you respect to work with that’s dope. I like the camraderie. I like to work with people. To me that’s what music’s about. Having him there was really cool and that’s probably how it’ll be from here on out. Luthor and Ca$h taking over production in the future.

What was the feeling when KLUSTERFUK shot to number one on the Billboard Indie charts?

It’s always great to be recognized for hard work. We busted our ass for that shit and that was in the middle of creating an album. I don’t think people know that we submitted maybe 40-something songs for the album and gave Tech like 80 beats for KLUSTERFUK and all of that shit was probably made within a 3 or 4 month period and some of that was on tour. We fucking killed the game. We met up at eight o clcok in the morning go in and smash out beats all day and that’s just how it’s done. You just gotta hit the grindstone, grind the axe and keep going.

If you had to attach a label to each member of the group, what would they be?

Wrekonize is the natural. That dude can do anything. If you want your fucking computer hacked, he’s got you. He just started singing out of nowhere and just killed it. He’s just a talented dude.

Bernie? Bernie’s the naysayer but in a good way. He’s the one that makes sure that we’re not too comfortable and that we’re always striving to be better no matter how dope everybody thinks something is. He always questions it which is cool and needed. He’s sort of the devil’s advocate all the time and I think he does it on purpose. Even if he likes something he’ll question it just to make sure everybody’s on their toes. He’s the inertia I would say of the group.

LT is definitely the workhorse. That dude doesn’t really care about spotlight or anything like that. We keep telling him “twirl your sticks man! Throw your sticks in the air!” and he’s like “fuck that, I’ve got a job to do.” He’s always the last one breaking shit down and carrying the drums everywhere, which has to be commended.

Noms is like the sparkplug of the group. When you need to go to that next level, that’s Noms’ shit. He’s like the icing on the cake.

Gio is the glue of the group. He just holds everything together and is very even tempered. Fuck the glue, he’s like the weed wacker, who kind of does a little bit of everything and he’s the resident Bob Vila. He makes studio walls. If he doesn’t like the way the stand is fitting properly for his keys he’ll go fabricate some metal and he’s got velcro out the wazzoo, puts that shit on everything.

And oh man I need to label myself? Let me try to be humble but not really.

I would probably say I’m the architect. I think the overall sound. Let me not say that. Too egotistical. I’d rather not label myself. Let other people do that.

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