'An Album That Actually Means Something' – HipHopDX Praises ¡MAYDAY!'s 'Take Me To Your Leader'

Apr 5 2012

HipHopDX Take Me To Your Leader ¡MAYDAY! Review

The props keep coming for ¡MAYDAY!.

From overwhelming fan response to a stellar first week on the Billboard Charts, their debut album Take Me To Your Leader has had as much success as the Miami group could ask for.

Now here come the critics, with HipHopDX.com leading the way with its review of Take Me To Your Leader.

The opening paragraph sets the tone for how the review reads – filled with praise and highlighting the substance of what ¡MAYDAY! has to offer:

“¡MAYDAY! never meanders on their latest release, Take Me To Your Leader. They never waste space rambling ad nauseam about their grandiose talent or how they’re out of this world or on another planet or any of those other astronomically overused metaphors. They never toss trivialities seemingly just trying to rhyme; just trying to be cool. Quite the opposite, really. TMTYL was designed with more in mind than just crafting an entertaining collection of songs. It’s an album loaded with conviction. It’s an album that actually means something.”

Surprisingly the album claims the lead single “Badlands” and the title track to be the weakest parts of the album, but overall the album got 4/5 X’s (stars) which places it as one of the most highly-reviewed albums currently on HipHopDX.com.

With its potent combination of substance and style, Take Me To Your Leader has made quite the impression on HipHopDX.com and the many fans that have gone to purchase the album.

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