‘We’re Technicians For Life!’ – PlurVision Owner Talks Tech N9ne, Goggles In Krizz Kaliko’s ‘Spaz’ Video [Strange Music Exclusive]

May 16 2012

Tech N9ne In Goggles

Plur Vision CEO Nick Mahoney couldn’t believe his eyes.

There was Tech N9ne, his favorite rapper since childhood, running down the street like a maniac in Krizz Kaliko’s music video for “Spaz”, wearing the goggles that Nick had invented. The owner of Plur Vision had to watch again to make sure that what he wasn’t dreaming.

What he thought was too good to be true was in fact staring at him right in the face: one of Kansas City’s biggest icons rocking the Kansas City-born Plur Vision goggles. Nick couldn’t help but leave a comment on the video:

“Thanks for reppin the PlurVision Goggles Tech you fuckin’ rock homie, and big ups Krizz Kaliko, dope tunes, SPAZ!”

We were able to speak to the Plur Vision CEO to get his view on Tech N9ne, Strange Music and also to find out just what these goggles were all about.

Plur Vision GogglesWhat are Plur Vision goggles exactly?

Plur is an acronym for Peace, Love, Unity, and Respect, it’s sort of the “raver’s” code.

The goggles use a special type of film to diffract white light, creating prism-like rays of color off of every light or anything reflecting light. They’re a great way to view the world.

What motivated you to start this company? Give us a short rundown of the history as well.

A friend and I have been going to live music events for several years and happen to run across a version of paper glasses that use similar film, after getting way too hyphy, they would easily rip, tear or break.

We love having a good time, and we want the good times to last, so we built a permanent version that even wraps around your head. After bringing it around the Kansas City Electronic Dance Music (EDM) scene to promotion companies particularly like Hy-Tekk Productions, some light was shed on our idea thanks to them and we were strongly encouraged to carry through with the plans to make PlurVision an entity in Kansas City.

We’ve been web-based for over a year now, our first pair was sold in Oct. 2010 in person. Anybody can find a Plur Vision vending booth at most EDM music events in Kansas City, particularly ones promoted by Hy-Tekk Productions,

They were the first group of people to let Plur Vision come spread our love, so we like to pay homage and attend every chance we get. Hopefully we’ll be able to spread some love at some Strange Music events one day too! I’ve always been told that if you believe in something, you should stand behind it and give it everything you’ve got. PLUR is our lifestyle now.

How long have you been a fan of Tech N9ne and Strange Music?

I used to skateboard around town back when i was in the sixth grade, so for nine years, and nine times out of ten I’d be bumping Tech N9ne from my earphones. However it didn’t take Strange long to have everybody bumpin’ something Strange from their earphones either. I speak for the entire Plur Vision crew when I say we’re Technicians for life!

Why are you such a big fan?

My admiration formed for Strange Music when one of my childhood best friends introduced me to Tech’s music. His stepfather JJ had ties to Tech because he used to do security of some sort for Tech.

I remember him telling me when I was only 11-years-old how nice Krizz Kaliko was and how funny Kutt Calhoun was in person. After hearing that, that’s when my respect started being formed for Strange.

It’s all been uphill from there. From “Get Blowed” to “Unfair” I’ve always thought Strange Music puts out “Beautiful Music”.

When you saw the “Spaz” video and that Tech N9ne was sporting Plur Vision goggles, what was your initial reaction?

My initial reaction was that I thought I was still dreaming. Haha. I watched it all the way through and couldn’t believe it for a while. I had just woken up my roommate and business partner and we both came to the same conclusion.. “I really don’t even know what to think about this” in a good, more than good way, of course! I’m so happy that Strange likes the goggles, and it meant even more to us because PLUR isn’t just a word to us, it is a lifestyle. Being shown that much love and respect from a group that we’ve looked up to for so long was groundbreaking to us. Always was and will be Technicians for life!

If you could say anything to Tech N9ne right now, what would you say?

Keep doing what you’re doing, you’re an inspiration to all who know what’s up with good music. Also, thanks so much for showing love to us, we’ll never quit appreciating you and Strange Music. Lets get some Tech N9ne edition PlurVision products, it couldn’t get more strange than that! SPAZ!!!

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Tech N9ne And Raver

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