‘It’s Like…151 Rum…Pineapple Juice And Malibu’ – How To Mix Up A Caribou Lou [Video]

May 30 2012

Though it lacks the grace and humor of Elizabeth Dodwell’s video – “Just don’t get anybody pregnant!” – theFNDCdotcom’s video still shows the masses how to effectively mix a Caribou Lou – as per Tech’s instructions in his track “Caribou Lou” off of Everready: The Religion. While Tech makes it by the jug – demanding “half a bottle of 151 rum” – Johnny Diablo’s video (is he already drunk?) showcases how to make it by individual serving size – calling for one and a half ounces of 151, one ounce of Malibu, and five ounces of pineapple juice.

By the jug or one at a time, “Raise hell and don’t stop till the cops come! ” (And enjoy responsibly!)

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  • Do you make Caribou Lou by the jug or one at a time?

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