‘I Was A Cheerleader In Your ‘Slacker’ Video!’ – Kat Graham Reveals STRANGE Past [Social]

May 24 2012

Kat Graham In Tech N9ne's "Slacker" Music Video

Tech N9ne may have thought he was meeting Kat Graham for the first time on the set of MTV2’s Hip Hop Squares, but as it turns out, their meeting was a strange reunion of sorts.

Both stars recently joined the cast of MTV2’s Hip Hop Squares for its debut episode and while on set had an opportunity to catch up. Much to Tech’s surprise (and pretty much everyone else), Kat Graham revealed that she was one of the original “N9ne” cheerleaders in Tech N9ne’s “Slacker” music video!

Fans may recall the bubbly cheerleaders popped up towards the end of the video, with Kat Graham sporting the “N” on her top. Since her appearance as a cheerleader in Tech N9ne’s “Slacker”, Kat Graham has gone on to appear in films like 17 Again, Honey 2, and The Roommate.

Even with all of her mainstream success, Kat Graham will always be able to trace her history back to Tech N9ne.

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