‘To Buy A Blue Shirt’ – Tech N9ne Speaks On His Verse For ‘One Of These Days’ [Strange Music Exclusive]

May 10 2012

Tech N9ne

It’s no secret that Strange Music has shown an affinity for the color red and an aversion to the color blue, but isn’t it time to move on?

Maybe, according to Tech N9ne, as he explains the significance behind his verse for “One Of These Days” from Prozak’s album Paranormal. From the guy that claims “Red drawers, red socks, red everything”, it’s time to grow up…

Tell us about “One Of These Days” and what that song means to you.

It’s everything about me. Me wanting to change myself because I’m All 6’s And 7’s, I’m Anghellic, I’m good and bad. “One of these days I might grow” up is pretty much what I was saying.

One of these days I might want to buy a blue shirt. I just bought a blue shirt last new year’s when I was at disney world. I bought this blue polo with the red stripes in it. I put it on my Twitter like “I want to buy this so bad. It’s so beautiful!”

I wore it when I was down there and it’s so funny because when I get home, all my clothes–I have all my blacks together, all my reds are together, all my whites are togethers, my grays are together and then I have this blue shirt by itself. One of these days I’m going to grow up and integrate that shit. So that’s pretty much what that verse was talking about. Not just that but all the things that I think probably need to change. That’s pretty much the deal on that one. I want to change certain things about me that I think are negative that I don’t want my son to pick up and I just want to be perfect even though I know man is imperfect.

That song gave me the platform to tell you what I thought I needed to change about myself. One of these days I’m going to do this, one of these days I’m going to do that, but for the time being I’m still on some motherfucking bullshit…so watch out! (laughs)

Interview conducted by Jeff Nelson (@JeffreyPNelson)



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