¡MAYDAY! – ‘Roaches’ Music Video

Jun 7 2012

With the song “Roaches”, ¡MAYDAY! told you to be thankful for what you have. With the “Roaches” music video, we see a real-life Miami man who embodies the “live for today” motto with every breath he takes.

The music video from ¡MAYDAY!’s breakthrough album Take Me To Your Leader tells the story of Sylvester, a homeless man that lives like a king despite his limited resources of food, clothing or shelter. Regardless of these conditions, the free-spirited man enjoys a life full of pleasure, spontaneity and fun that many of us never attain in our lives full of responsibilities and expectations.

By watching the “Roaches”, you understand just what ¡MAYDAY! was trying to say with one of the most unforgettable music videos you’ll likely see this year.

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