Stock Up On Your Tech N9ne Vinyls For Only $2.50 Each!

Aug 3 2012

Tech N9ne Holding Vinyls


Vinyls are all the craze right now. Did you know that you can cop these Tech N9ne vinyls at the ridiculous price of $2.50?

Think about it…

  • A gallon of gas or “I’m A Playa” on vinyl?
  • Two packs of bubblegum or the “Bout Ta Bubble” vinyl?
  • A scratch-off lotto ticket or “Here Comes Tecca Nina” on vinyl?

Put your turntables to good use and get that warm, analog sound that only a vinyl can provide with these Tech N9ne vinyls.


Tech N9ne - Bout Ta Bubble

“Bout Ta Bubble” / Black 12 Inch Vinyl Single

“Dedicated to all the DJs all over the world!” Tech N9ne exclaims before he utters a bar on this eternal single from Everready. If you’re trying to get the club jumping in true Strange Music fashion, there’s not a better place to start than “Bout Ta Bubble”. Don’t take our word for it, just look out in the crowd during your next Tech N9ne Experience.

Tech N9ne - Here Comes Tecca Nina Clear Red Vinyl Single

“Here Comes Tecca Nina” / Clear Red 12 Inch Vinyl Single

Take the crowd back in time with one of Tech N9ne’s biggest anthems. “Here Comes Tecca Nina” blares like a party call for the nation as Tech N9ne laid it down for Kansas City and Strange Music on this bouncy cut from Absolute Power. The record even comes in bright red, making sure everyone knows who’s spinnin’.

We dare you not to move when this one comes on.

“I’m A Playa”/ Black 12 Inch Vinyl Single

The end all, be all of Tech N9ne jams. “I’m A Playa” has traditionally signaled the end of a Tech N9ne performance, but with this 12 inch single, it can be the perfect jump-off to your night. Arguably the most popular Tech N9ne song ever, “I’m A Playa” will have everyone rockin’ and poppin’ collars.

“I’m A Playa”/ Clear 12 Inch Vinyl Single

Not a fan of the traditional black vinyl? Switch it up and grab “I’m A Playa” in this sleek clear 12 inch vinyl or get both for just $5!

  • Are you a fan of vinyl?
  • Did you pick any of these up during the sale?
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