Crossroads KC Eat and Greet: Top 5 Places To Have Dinner With Tech N9ne!

Aug 17 2012

Crossroads KC Eat And Greet: Top 5 Places To Eat Dinner With Tech N9ne

How do you satisfy the appetite of the Kansas City King? Well, if you’ve entered the Crossroads KC Eat and Greet Contest for a dinner with Tech N9ne, you may want to consider checking out these Kansas City favorites!

The Crossroads KC Eat and Greet Contest is giving you, the fans, a chance to sit down for dinner with the one and only Tech N9ne in his hometown on August 24 before he takes the stage inside Crossroads KC at Grinder’s.

In anticipation of the big dinner, we’ve collected the top 5 spots you may want to check out just in case you get chosen.

Don’t be left clueless and impress the king with your knowledge of Kansas City’s most popular eats!

Chubby's On Broadway

Chubby’s On Broadway

This late-night destination is the perfect spot to hit if you’re into the diner scene. Loaded with comfort food, Chubby’s menu consists of everything you would expect from an all-American diner and gets even more lively as the night goes on. Tech dug it enough to throw a mention in “Afterparty” from The Gates Mixed Plate.

Recommend: Breakfast is served all day, go to town.

Go Chicken Go

Go Chicken Go

You can never go wrong with chicken and Go Chicken Go is just another Tech N9ne-approved restaurant that you may want to look into. With several locations scattered about, Go Chicken Go has become a favorite for people in the Missouri/Kansas area.

Recommend: Believe it or not, people swear by the gizzards. Go for it. It never hurt to be adventurous, right?

N9ne Pizza At Next Door Pizza And Pub

Next Door Pizza And Pub

If pizza is your thing, look no further than Next Door Pizza And Pub in Lee’s Summit. This pizza joint is everything a Strange Music fan could want. First of all, this is home to The N9ne Pizza, named after Tech N9ne. Check out the menu description:

The undisputed Kansas City King. Red everything. Pepperoni, Italian sausage, bacon, buffalo chicken, red onion, red peppers, jalapeno, cheese.

What could be better than sharing a slice of the N9ne with the N9ne?!

Recommend: Come on. You pretty much HAVE to get The N9ne Pizza.

Gates Bar-B-Q

Gates Bar-B-Q

Yep. The name says it all. Get some of Kansas City’s most celebrated barbecue with the man himself. Good enough to earn an entire album’s worth of praise (The Gates Mixed Plate), Gates Bar-B-Q has been a Kansas City favorite for over 60 years.

Recommend: You already know. Order up a mixed plate, substitute the ham for turkey, and grab a strawberry soda for the final touch on a Tech N9ne favorite.


Crossroads KC At Grinder’s

The very site of Tech N9ne’s homecoming on August 24, Crossroads KC at Grinder’s offers up both an outdoor music venue and one of the most popular eateries in the downtown area. Boasting an enormous beer selection of 130 beers (at the very least), Grinder’s also tops our list for its convenience. Philly cheese steaks, wings, and pizza make this a great place for drinks and dinner.

Recommend: The Bengal Tiger pizza which includes real crab meat.

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