Tech N9ne Reveals The Worst Thing He’s Ever Done [Interview]

Aug 8 2012

Tech N9ne Reveals The Worst Thing He's Ever Done

With all the Tech N9ne interviews that have been conducted over the years, you’d think everything would have been covered, right?

Wrong! Sure, there are the regular topics like what his upcoming project will be or what his greatest achievements are so far, but what about the stuff that really matters? From the drug-laden tirades of a man who has the world at his fingertips to what bothers him the most, Gutta World Magazine gets the most ridiculous confessions from Tech N9ne.

On what Tech would be doing if he wasn’t rapping:

[Laughs] Dead or in jail! Music saved my life! Everything I do, I do to the fullest. So if it was gang bangin’ I was gonna do it to the fullest. If it was gonna be dope sellin’ I was gonna do it to the fullest. Music got me away from both of those things, right in time.

And on that note, GW asks, “What is the worst thing you’ve ever done?”

Okay, being high on ecstasy, being in one room with my girlfriend at the time and walking across the hall seeing two beautiful chicks on the floor doing each other. Then stepping over them into my bodyguards room, then the girls follow me into the bodyguard’s room and they both do me while my girl is in the next room. And I go back over there with my girl and just sit there. [Laughs] I wasn’t supposed to tell you that story. Because actually I don’t remember that happening, but it came out that I did it. And the girls fessed up to it, and I was like, “I don’t remember anything like that.” But that’s what they told me happened. That’s pretty bad.

Surely it’s difficult to believe that someone with wealth and fame could even do such a thing. You’d think the real confessions would stop there, but here’s the real sh** on what Tech thinks of his fans who need to work on their hygiene:

Yeah man. I gave this girl a hug and she smelled like big onions, and I’m talkin’ like big onions, like an onion patch. I’m like, if her underarms smell like this how does her pussy smell? Ya know what I’m sayin’? The guy that’s with her — why wouldn’t he tell her? Because I gave him a hug after giving her a hug and he didn’t stink. She did. She had on a mini skirt, and she smelled like onions. […] Dude, it smelled like she had fucked like six dudes the night before and then was like, “Oh, we have to go see Tech N9ne. Put on your shit and let’s go. Boom.” I would’ve appreciated it if she would’ve said, “Tech N9ne, I had a party last night and there were six guys and we were drinking Caribou Lou and KC Tea. We were mixing it and tried the new ghettos, and I got a little drunk. I did some ecstasy and I fucked all six of them. But, I just woke up, so sorry I stink. I’d be like, “Damn, baby, you’re really kickin’ it. You smell like onion like a mutha fucka.” I’d tell her.

According to the interview, it’s only been women stinking up his shoulders so far. He continues further to reveal that he actually gave away a very expensive jersey to a girl because it smelt so bad after she hugged him.

Strange ladies, double check that you’re fresh next time you try to hug the man! Your next opportunity is at KC Crossroads on August 24th!

That’s only a quarter of the interview.

Check out the rest here for a more detailed insight to the Strangeness.

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