Gallery: The Best Fan-Submitted Screenshots From Tech N9ne’s ‘E.B.A.H.’

Sep 11 2012

Fans Submit "E.B.A.H." Screenshots

Frame by frame, you guys went to town on Tech N9ne’s “E.B.A.H.”.

Tech N9ne’s “E.B.A.H.” music video sparked quite the buzz on the web as it wasted no time climbing to over 400,000 views on YouTube in anticipation of Tech’s latest EP. With so much attention on the video, we asked you, the fans, to send us the best screenshots you could capture.

From funny faces to sinister looks, some of Tech’s best is featured in these screenshots and with E.B.A.H. only a week away, we give you the top flicks you guys had to offer.

Check them out below!

Submitted by Cady Aiden

Tech N9ne - "E.B.A.H." Screen From Cady Aiden

Submitted by Jeff Mogollon

E.B.A.H. Screen by Jeff Mogollon

Submitted by Frankie Jimenez

E.B.A.H. Submitted By Frankie Jimenez

Submitted by Francisco Santos

E.B.A.H. Screen By Francisco Santos

Submitted by Gina

E.B.A.H. Screen By Gina

Submitted by Morieironmaker91

E.B.A.H. Screen By Morieironmaker

Submitted by Gary Emmitt

E.B.A.H. By Gary Emmitt

Submitted by Mike Hanna

E.B.A.H. By Mike Hanna

Submitted by Dakota Gardner

E.B.A.H. By Dakota Gardner

Submitted by Taylor

E.B.A.H. By Taylor

Submitted by Garrett Hansen

E.B.A.H. Screen By Garret Hansen


  • What did you guys think of these?
  • Which ones did you like the most?

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