FIRST LOOK: Tech N9ne’s ‘URALYA’ Music Video

Oct 19 2012

First Look - Tech N9ne "URALYA" Music Video

Madness awaits an unlucky soul in Tech N9ne’s latest music video.

With the Boiling Point EP set to drop on October 30, Tech N9ne recently shot a brand new music video for the single, “URALYA”. The new visual is slated to be the first offering from what is anticipated to be one of Tech N9ne’s darkest chapters yet in the K.O.D. Collection.

Early images from the shoot made their way online and gave fans a behind the scenes look as “URALYA” came together. Sporting his trademark facepaint, Tech N9ne personified terror as he unleashed his frustration on a mystery victim.

A teaser trailer has since become available, echoing the familiar last sounds fans heard on E.B.A.H.

While there are more questions than answers, one thing is for certain – the K.O.D. is back.


Check out these behind the scenes photos from “URALYA”!

Tech N9ne's "URALYA"

First Look - Tech N9ne's "URALYA"

Tech N9ne On Set Of "URALYA"

Tech N9ne "URALYA" - First Look

"URALYA" - Behind The Scenes

Tech N9ne On Set For "URALYA"

"URALYA" First Look

Tech N9ne - "URALYA"

Tech N9ne - "URALYA"

Tech N9ne's "URALYA"

Tech N9ne "URALYA"Panoramic image by Scenario

Stay tuned for more on the release of “URALYA”!


  • Do you know who the tied up victim in the chair is?

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