The K.O.D. Collection – Fans Pick Their Favorite Selections

Oct 6 2012

The K.O.D. Collection - Fans Pick Their Favorite Selections

What began in 2009 with K.O.D. now continues on 10/30 with Tech N9ne’s upcoming Boiling Point EP.

The series of releases, dubbed the K.O.D. Collection, have grown to be some of the most beloved in Tech N9ne’s catalog as fans everywhere anticipate the next level of darkness that Tech can achieve.

Between K.O.D., The Lost Scripts Of K.O.D., and Seepage, Tech N9ne gave listeners some of his most painful moments on tracks like “Show Me A God” and “Pain Killer”.

With only a few weeks left until listeners are once again thrown into a pit of Tech’s most twisted thoughts, we decided to revisit the K.O.D. Collection by asking fans for their favorite cuts from all three previous releases.

Judging by the responses we received, Tech N9ne’s Boiling Point is right on time.

Check out what fans had to say below!

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‘LEAVE ME ALONE’!! – Benjamin Bones

‘The Martini‘ – Omarits Arguelles

‘Alucard’ – Richard Maltby

‘Last Sad Song’ is amazing vocals lyrics song means a lot to me but all the albums are great cuz Tech’s the man – Nic Revell

‘Leave Me Alone’ – Tonciu Razvan

‘Seepage’!!! – Markuz Fosho Delaghetto

My fav off K.O.D. would be “Pinocchio”‘ – Justin Thompson

‘Seepage is obviously the best song. Masterpiece. – Jeff Clemente

‘Low’ off K.O.D – Scott Henderson

‘Hunterish‘! – Joshua R. Miller

‘Stress Relief’! – Stian Jonli

‘Pain Killer‘ – Kyle Bolan

‘Blackened The Sun‘! – Chad Christian

‘Like I Died’ – Kalin Webb

‘Def ‘Pinocchiho’ – Chris Dix

‘Seepage’ – Issac Rivera

‘ Like I Died’ and ‘Horns’ – Matt Sanders

‘LOW’! Easily one of your best. – Sean Lusher

‘Horns’ and ‘Seepage’ – Kevin Nine Agostini

‘IN THE TRUNK’ – Casey Van Ross

‘Horns’, ‘Blackened The Sun’ and ‘Stress Relief’! – Colby StumpMaster Hildreth

‘B. Boy‘ – Austin Jolley

‘Seepage‘ – Oscar Romo

’00N9na’! – Mike Houston

Too many great songs I can’t pick! ♥ Tech N9ne ♥ – Amber Technician Borton

Well K.O.D. I’d say ‘The Martini’, Lost Scripts I’ll go with ‘Pain Killer’ and Seepage I’d have to say ‘Alucard’ or ‘Asshole’ – Max JosephKony Brendle


  • Would you be able to pick your all-time favorite song from the K.O.D. collection?

Share your answers with us below!