‘We’re In A Pit Full Of Demons’ – Tech N9ne Tackles Gun Control In The U.S.A.

Jan 23 2013

Tec-9 Assault Pistol

With the recent surge of gun violence in America, the entire country is on edge for a solution. When children and innocent theater goers are needlessly slaughtered, what then? What the problem, is it the people or easy access to guns? Who’s to blame: parents, music, television, or the mental health system?

As part of their “Guns In America” initiative, an attempt to investigate the firearms issue that has recently been plaguing our country, AOL interviewed none other than Tech N9ne to get his opinion on the matter.

A thoughtful and reflective Tech intelligently dissects what causes our nation’s malaise of gun violence and why we are stuck in a deadly cycle:

“You have to protect yourself from people because you never know when it’s going to go down. You want to go see Batman and some n—a come running in and starts shooting. You’re not expecting that. If I would have been in there, I’d have had my piece and been shooting back at that n—a. You never know where it’s going to come from so, n—a’s is getting guns illegally. I think it’s fucked up because it’s a trap. They’ll put us in jail if we get caught with it but what can you do if you’ve already been in trouble and you’ve still got to protect yourself out here.”

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  • What’s your opinion on gun violence in America and what is the solution?
  • What did you think about Tech’s opinions on the matter?

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