‘I’m Having Sex To Serial Killer Music And I Love It’ – Tech N9ne Speaks On ‘Mannibalector’ [Exclusive]

Feb 4 2013

Brotha Lynch Hung and Tech N9ne

We were able to get ahold of the Strange Music general during his busy recording schedule to get his thoughts on the monumental album about to drop: Brotha Lynch Hung’s Mannibalector, the final piece to the Coathanga Strangla trilogy.

Take a look at what Tech N9ne had to say…

On “Stabbed”…

People are going to love it because it’s all three of us doing what we do.

On Mannibalector

I stole the CD from Strange Music and listened to it. I’ve been bangin’ it. I’ve heard songs on there that I had never heard like “Sweeney Todd” and “Disappeared” that I really dig. There’s a lot of beautiful music on there. It’s really serial killer-ish this time and so are the videos.

On the shocking ending of Mannibalector

Humongous, that’s all I’m going to say. I can’t even say. It’s a twist (laughs). I’m about to say it and I don’t want to say it. Don’t do me like that man. People are going to love it. If you love that dark shit, ooooh, this is the pinnacle of it. The songs are – I can’t really say what I wanna say because I’ll get in trouble for it.

On his recreational activities while listening to Mannibalector

I just know I’m having sex to the serial killer music and I love it.

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Brotha Lynch Hung - Mannibalector

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