‘It Caught Me Off Guard’ – RA The Rugged Man Reacts To CES Cru’s ‘Juice’

Mar 18 2013

Recently when RA the Rugged man was in town shooting his music video for “Hallelujah” featuring Tech N9ne we had the chance to slip in a little sample of things to come during one of the car rides between sets.

Upon hearing CES Cru’s song “Juice” from Constant Energy Struggles, the legendary east coast rapper was floored.

I forgot which song it was but I remember someone playing it for me. There was a song where they rap, like over an Erik B and Rakim bassline and the first kid killed it but the middle kid went crazy and then Tech got on and killed it. It was like some hip hop shit with some new school flows and it was really dope. It was dope. I got caught off guard because a lot of times when people play me product from their work or label I’m like “okay let me hear it” and a lot of times you’re not impressed with things but this one was DOPE.


Constant Energy Struggles

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