‘Fire, Water and Earth’ – Tech N9ne Reveals How ‘Something Else’ Will Be Broken Up

Mar 29 2013

Tech N9ne

For those searching the internet every single day for more news on Tech N9ne’s highly-anticipated upcoming album Something Else, we’ve got something for you.

While grinding it out on the Independent Powerhouse Tour, Tech gave an interview with The Arizona Daily Wildcat where he made a huge reveal as to how Something Else will be divided into separate parts. Known to do this for most of his albums, Something Else will be no exception.

As the article states

Tech was literally dancing in his seat with excitement about the new album and some of the featured artists on it. He couldn’t say who they were, but he did explain that the album will be broken up into three distinct sections — Fire, Water and Earth.

Fire, Tech said, will have darker tracks, but the CD will finish with a heavenly theme in the Earth portion.

“I’ve got some heavenly ‘We Are The World’ shit on this album, swear to God,” Tech said.

As for Water, Tech said he hasn’t quite decided, but possible themes might be partying or confusion.

Click here to read the entire interview.

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