‘Let’s Do This!’ – Is There Some Murs / ¡MAYDAY! Collaboration Action Happening? [Social]

Jun 25 2013

For those that have been following Strange Music for a while, it’s no secret that L.A. emcee Murs is a friend to the label.

The living legend (see what we did there?) and Paid Dues curator has shown the Snake and Bat plenty of love, most recently by inviting Tech N9ne to play at Paid Dues 2013 and hooking CES Cru up with a spot to showcase their skills to the masses!

Last year ¡MAYDAY! formed their own connection with Murs when they featured him on the track “Hardcore Bitches” from their Strange Music debut Take Me To Your Leader, a track which has since become one of ¡MAYDAY!’s signature tracks and a favorite among live show attendees.

Recently on Twitter, a fan’s compliment to both Murs & ¡MAYDAY! on the track spurred a back-and-forth between the two artists, culiminating in a blatant (if not tongue-in-cheek) call to action from Murs to get him signed to Strange Music!

Was he joking, or are there actually plans to squad up with the Miami six piece and form what would undoubtedly be a hip hop super-group?

Only time will tell, and while our instincts tell us not to hold our collective breath on this one, stranger things have happened….

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¡MAYDAY! - Believers

  • Would you like to see this happen?
  • What other emcees would make a dope addition to ¡MAYDAY!?
  • If these guys put out an album, what would YOU call it?

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