Tech N9ne = The Dracula Of Hip Hop? [Interview]

Jun 27 2013

Tech N9ne - Dracula


Tech N9ne has been doing it for 20 years and some change but has only gotten doper. What’s the deal?

Tech N9ne thinks he has the answer. In an interview with HipHopDX, Tech N9ne reveals what he thinks is the secret of his success.

“I’m feeling more and more like Dracula everyday. He’s supposed to be immortal. He’s been here for centuries. It seems like in the Hip Hop game, I feel like Dracula because I’ve been here for the rise and fall of a lot of major emcees and I’m still on the incline. It feels like every time I look in the mirror, every year I get older, but I’ve started looking like I’m in my 20s.”

Considering that Something Else has already been called the dopest album of his career, who’s to say that he’s wrong?

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Tech N9ne - Something Else


  • How much longer do you see Tech N9ne doing this rap shit?

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