WATCH: Stevie Stone – The Reason (Feat. Spaide Ripper) – Official Music Video

Jul 23 2013

Get turnt the fuck up with Stevie Stone in his first music video from 2 Birds 1 Stone.

Stevie Stone’s “The Reason” is just the kind of song that your subs need and a track that only Stevie Stone could deliver. Opening with a pounding 808, “The Reason” quickly accelerates into a dizzying frenzy that leaves listeners with no choice but to get up and move. If you’re not going nuts by the time Spaide Ripper finishes his awesomely ignorant verse, then you should probably seek medical treatment.

The video features members of ¡MAYDAY!, Kutt Calhoun and Tech N9ne in what is the first of many bangers we’re likely to hear from 2 Birds and 1 Stone.

Watch the video above.


Stevie Stone - 2 Birds 1 Stone


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