‘People Are Not Going To Expect It To Be As Powerful As It Is’ – Angel Davanport Talks About Her Appearance On ‘Something Else’

Jul 26 2013

Something Else

Of the many features on Tech N9ne’s Something Else, it’s the appearances by two lesser-known females that could potentially turn the most heads: one being Kendall Morgan’s bare and vulnerable hook for “Fragile” and the other being the quick but unforgettable bars from Angel Davanport on “Priorities”, a breathtaking track that is literally unlike anything hip hop has ever heard.

We had a chance to talk to the young up-and-coming emcee from Chicago and get her perspective on the making of “Priorities”. The 22-year-old who was relatively unknown not only 6 months ago found herself to be featured on a track with two industry titans. How did she handle the pressure and what can we expect from the song? Read below to find out.

Let’s talk about Something Else. It’s his biggest release ever and you’re on it. You’re on a track with not only Tech but The Game. Tell me about the track. What can fans expect from it?

Wow. Well I’m not sure how much I can say about the track, but it’s literally something different. It’s something else. It’s something that’s going to be different from what else is on the album and people are not going to expect it to be as powerful and impactful as it is. My experience coming out of it is like “Holy Shit!” literally because I went from being myself to being almost like a national recording artist in three months. Yeah it’s two years worth of work but it happened so fast and not only with Tech but with The Game too and these are two guys, like two emcees that I have looked up to and are pretty prolific in the game.

The Game and Tech N9ne

I think fans are going to be excited. I think the people that have been hitting me up are already pretty excited. I think they’re going to be shocked and they’re not going to expect it, especially from me because I know what they expect from Tech, because the bar is already set high. I just figure The Game and Tech set high bars so they should expect me to bring the same shit. If Tech would give you 150, you would expect that Angel is going to give you 150. I’m pushing for more because I ain’t got a name in this bitch so I want to be the one that people are like “Who the fuck are you?” and “Why are you not around more?” I also want to create this little army. I told Tech N9ne, we just talked about this today, I want to create a little army of “Strangels” (Strange Angels) and have them stick by my side basically. I love them already and I love the love that I’m getting.

So you get this track and it’s Tech and The Game, first of all were they already on the track when they gave it to you?

They were not. The Game had sent a verse and it was like “Damn, this is the Game’s verse! This shit’s raw.” Then in the midst of meeting Tech and everything he was like “I need to put you on this album. It has to happen,” and it was like “Maybe, maybe not” because, you know, at first it’s just words. Then I went to KC and he was like “No, this has to happen” and then I met Seven and Seven was like “It’s going to happen. Don’t worry.” Next thing I knew Tech was like “I’m sending you my verse.” At this point it was like, maybe Wednesday? And he was like “Friday” and I was like “Fuck Friday! I’ll get it to you tomorrow!” and he was like “Okay!” He sent it to me, I wrote my verses on the spot, went into the studio the next day and recorded it and we did something different. He was like “Ehhhh…I like that shit but do it this way,” so I was like “Okay, perfect.” We went in the next day and re-did it at like midnight. It was around then because he called me at like 1 in the morning and I was like “Fuck, okay” and stayed up ’til like 4 or 5 in the morning writing my verse and then went back in and sent it to him. He called me two or three days later and was like “Fuck yes! Fuck yes!”

Is there ever a nervous point? Do you get intimidated?

I’m going to say the obvious thing: “Hell yes!” For me I was like “This is the opportunity of a lifetime.” Even if I never do anything else in music and I’m a complete utter failure, which I don’t think that will happen, but even if that happens, I still have a song with Tech N9ne and The Game. Nobody else has that opportunity. So for me I was just like, nervous but I knew I needed to home run that shit. It had to be a grand slam. Not just “Hey let me hit you with the ball and walk you” (laughs). It had to be a grand slam and I feel like I brought that for him. I brought that for him. I couldn’t have him expecting so much from me and then give him something subpar.

I aim for the highest, always.

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