LISTEN – Tech N9ne: ‘You Cannot Talk To Me Like You Talk To these Little Young Fucking Rappers’

Jul 19 2013

Tech N9ne

To all the critics, here’s a message from Tech N9ne: step your game up.

It’s one thing to have an opinion, but according to Tech N9ne, if you’re a critic and your opinion isn’t based on real knowledge of what you’re talking about, then do the world a favor and keep it to yourself.

We talked to Tech N9ne about what inspired the “Fragile” from Something Else, the song featuring Kendrick Lamar, ¡MAYDAY! and Kendall Morgan that’s already spread like a brushfire.

Here’s what he had to say about critics:

You cannot talk to me like you talk to these little young fucking new rappers. You can’t talk to me like that because these motherfuckers ain’t doing songs from fucking ’93 still to this day! They ain’t performing those motherfuckers. I’ve got fucking decades of music and I still do it! “Planet Rock”? C’mon man I did that in the mid-’90s, it just came out later! I did that in the mid-90s my nigga! Like, “What?” You can’t talk to me like you talk to these little motherfuckers. I’ve got time on top of time. So you need to be fucking gamed up when you talk to Tech N9ne. Don’t come to me talking like that motherfucker from (big magazine) at Paid Dues (imitates a “dumb” voice) “So um, we hear that you got a song on your last album with Chino from Deftones! So you just now getting into rock and roll and putting it with rap? I’m like “Are you fucking crazy? My whole label was inspired by The Doors motherfucker!” I was stupid enough to say to him because I felt like he was condescending, you know? I said “What you mean? My whole shit been based upon rock and roll!” I’m three-dimensional, I’m not just the R&B, hip-hop dude. I’m the R&B, the hip hop dude, the rock and roll dude, the hard, hard, hard-metal dude, the fucking jazz dude, the blues dude, I’m anything. They can’t talk to me like – you’ve got to be gamed up, is what I’m trying to say.

Don’t talk to me like I’m some new rapper, motherfucker. My shows are damn near two hours long because I can’t cram everything in. Don’t talk to me like these young motherfuckers, like I’m just now doing this, or I’m just now doing that. All this shit that these niggas doing, I done done it already but not on a big scale so everybody think they’re doing something new! Motherfucker, listen to my music back in the day! That’s why I said that shit in “B.I.T.C.H.”: “2001 I mixed opera now every clique got the sick caca with lots of rippin’ about they chips ought ta listen to this quick/chopper flippin’ and poppin’ with the spirit of Pac and Big Poppa.” Like, everybody’s using that opera shit now even on “You ain’t messin’ with my clique, clique, clique.” I love that shit, but I was doing that shit back then. Niggas that know though because my shit wasn’t on a bigger scale. “2001 I mixed opera, like “Go H.A.M., I’m about to let you who I am,” with all that opera shit in there? We been our shit on that. I ain’t mad, that shit’s dope! But I’m just saying “In 2001 I mixed opera, now every clique got the sick caca with lots of rippin’ about they chips, ought ta listen to this quick-chopper flippin’ and poppin’ with the spirit of Pac and Big Poppa.” Like “You niggas need to come fuck with me nigga! That’s my kind of shit that you’re all doing right now!” That I did ten, fifteen years ago.


Tech N9ne - Something Else


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