Tech N9ne Speaks To ‘The Source’: I’m A Fucking Weirdo And I’m Not Going To Change It For Any Of You Motherfuckers’

Jul 24 2013

Tech N9ne - The Source

The facepaint, the transparent mask, the completely unique way he delivers his raps – this is Tech N9ne. If you don’t like it, Tech has a message for you: deal with it.

During his publicity run in NYC for Something Else, Tech gave an interview to The Source magazine. Amongst talking about the new album and why it’s the best of his career, Tech also addressed commenters who dog on him for the abnormal shit that he does or says:

I’m a fucking weirdo and I’m not going to change it for any of you motherfuckers. I’m not going to change it for record sales, I don’t give a fuck about your record sales. If you don’t like the way I look suck my dick, that’s how I feel. You know what I mean? My music is supposed to be for everybody. If you’re thinkin you’re going to offend me by saying “he’s a gimmick, he’s fake because he paints his face, he can’t out rap me…” then fuck you, come on and do it my nigga. It’s a cocky thing that I’m saying because I put everything into my music and if you don’t like Tech N9ne, don’t fuckin buy the records. Leave me alone.

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