‘Taboo In Hip Hop’ – Editorial Praises Tech N9ne’s Admission Of Molestation In “I’m Not A Saint”

Aug 2 2013

Tech N9ne


One of the ballsiest songs you’re ever going to hear in any genre, much less hip hop, Tech N9ne’s “I’m Not A Saint” from Something Else could go down as a turning point in rap.

The song which acts as a confessional with personal details that are normally reserved for someone on their deathbed has Tech N9ne revealing the details of an affair he had with his best friend’s girl and, more shockingly, him being molested by his seventh grade teacher.

The revelation of such a taboo topic in hip hop, a culture normally fueled by macho posturing and boasting, has people taking notice with a quickness, one of those being Steven Goldstein, contributing writer for HipHopDX, Bleacher Report and KevinNotthingham.com. His editorial for PolicyMic.com, a website dedicated to a wide array of topics from politics to culture, has him exploring “I’m Not A Saint’s” contents and what it means for hip hop.

Goldstein says:

Sexual assault is an issue that’s seldom articulated so thoughtfully in hip-hop. Everyone fromEminem to Rick Ross has drawn attention for rapping about rape in some capacity, but Tech’s confession is one of the first instances of a healthy conversation about the subject. It’s the latest of unlikely subjects to be discussed by the genre, in addition to topics like gay marriage and abortion.

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