“My Nigga Murdered It!” – Tech N9ne Among Artists To React To Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Control’ Verse

Aug 13 2013

Kendrick And Tech

It’s entirely possible that years from now, we’ll look back on August 13th, 2013 as the day Kendrick re-invigorated hip hop with a single verse.

It all started with Big Sean releasing a “freestyle” that didn’t make the cut of his upcoming album Hall Of Fame. The track featured himself, Kendrick Lamar, and Jay Electronica, and everything as going smoothly until Kendrick showed up and blacked out for damn near three minutes.

Big Sean – Control (Feat. Kendrick Lamar & Jay Electronica).mp3

In what is one of the dopest verses we’ve heard spill from Kendrick Lamar’s mouth since we first heard him on Section.80, Kendrick names a couple handfuls of rappers (including the 2 that are WITH him on the track) and claims “I got love for you all but I’m tryin to murder you niggas”.

Take that call to arms and mix it with his mention of being “King of New York” and “What is competition? I’m tryin’ to set the bar high” and you’ve got the story that essentially broke the internet as soon as the track dropped. Since then many of the emcees Kendrick called out have responded, and innumerable others have come out to comment on the verse as well.






Of course, as one of the first people to put showcase Kendrick’s lyrical abilities to a wide audience with All 6’s And 7’s I Love Music” (and more recently “Fragile“), Tech N9ne was asked by many fans what if he heard the verse and what he thought of it. His response was as follows:


While we’ve yet to see any emcees respond to Kendrick’s mass call-out on wax, it’s good to know that there’s emcees in the game that are willing to stir up a little friendly competition all for the sake of the art of hip hop. It’s moves like these that prove it’s not impossible to do something that’s good financially as well as good for the culture.

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  • What did you think of Kendrick Lamar’s verse?
  • Do you think it’ll cause a reaction on wax or will emcees stay away?

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