Tech Talks ‘Therapy’ EP, Madonna Feature And More In Interview

Sep 9 2013

Tech N9ne Dwamn

Was Madonna supposed to be on Something Else? What about Ozzy Osbourne? What does the Therapy EP sound like and what songs are on it?

Tech N9ne answers all this and a lot more in an interview conducted and published by In this interview, there’s a thorough examination of Something Else and Therapy, the features that were supposed to be in Something Else and Tech N9ne telling of one of his most underrated songs of all time: “Can’t Shake It” from Killer.

Tech speaks on the song and says:

Man, I always tell people that’s one of my favorite songs I’ve ever written. People don’t really recognize it or give it props because…I don’t know. It’s all of me in that song. It’s a simple beat, but it’s just beautiful. When they say, “Somebody wants to know Tech N9ne, what would you tune them into?” I say, “‘Can’t Shake It’ is me in a nutshell!” I talk about my past and everything. It’s so beautiful. I love that song. I listen to it every time I get a chance—no bullshit.

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Tech N9ne - Something Else Special Edition

  • What do you think of the features that Tech wanted to have on Something Else? Which one would you have wanted to see?
  • What do you think about “Can’t Shake It”?

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