RECAP: Hot 103 Jamz Music Conference Featuring Travis O’Guin

Oct 23 2013

103 Music Conference

In a room filled with major label industry execs and up-and-coming talent, Strange Music made its presence known in a big way to all in attendance at the 103 Jamz Music Conference.

The conference, which was organized by Kansas City’s hottest hip hop radio station KPRS, was focused as an educational gathering for educating anyone trying to navigate the music industry and learn the ropes that lead to success. Strange Music CEO Travis O’Guin spoke on all the panels.

Topics covered included

  • Proper mixing and mastering of music
  • The importance of protecting your music
  • The importance of collaboration and networking
  • How to get a radio programmer’s attention
  • How to build buzz
  • The reality of major labels and deals
  • A special video package from Strange Music was played

Strange Music also got its shine on with a special video that was presented during the day’s intermission. The video is an in-depth interview with Tech N9ne done by Julee Jonez and traces his success story from the early days until now, in which he finds himself as the most successful independent rapper in the world and co-owner of one of the most influential labels in the biz.


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