Tech N9ne Says He Won’t Take His Face Paint Off For ‘Any Amount Of Money’

Oct 10 2013

Tech N9ne Facepaint


Tech N9ne ain’t going to change a damn thing about what he’s done to earn the title of The King Of Independent Hip Hop, so don’t think otherwise.

In an interview with the Minneapolis City Pages, Tech N9ne answers what is sure to be an often-asked questions from peers and fans alike: “Are you ever going to stop painting your face?” Tech resoundingly answers “Hell nah” when speaking to the publication:

Do you think there was a time five years ago that you could’ve put out a goofy dance song and hit the mainstream earlier?

[laughing] I would never conform for any amount of money. I would never take my face paint off for any amount of money just because I scare certain people. That’s just the kind of person I am. Yeah, I could’ve possibly conformed, but that’s never been in my makeup. Tech N9ne has always done party tracks like “Caribou Lou,” “Planet Rock 2k,” and “KCT” and so on, but I do them my way. I don’t do it to fit any mold. I think that’s why a lot of rock artists and the hip- hop artists respect me, and I love them as well for recognizing real.

Keep it Strange.

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