‘I Want To Talk To The Hip Hop President’ – Tech N9ne Talks To ‘Life + Times’ About Jay Z

Oct 28 2013

Tech N9ne and Jay Z

The emcee who’s going for global domination wants to have a sit down with another who’s already achieved it.

In a recent interview done with Jay Z’s website Life + Times, Tech N9ne said he has some questions to ask Jay Z concerning the longevity achieved by both of the elite MCs.

Life+Times: I think [Jay Z’s] turning 44.

Tech N9ne: Okay. Just so late in life, he’s still so young in it! That’s how I feel too about me. I feel like I’m getting younger and better. I’m listening to his album daily, him and Kanye’s albums because I just bought them like a couple weeks ago. So I’ve been going back and forth and every time I listen to the JAY Z album, at first I couldn’t get past the first six because it’s beautiful. Now I’m up to number nine. It’s like I’m working my way through the CD, you know? I’m tripping off of them, because he still has the power to move people even harder this day, from back doing Reasonable Doubt when everybody knew like, “Okay, Reasonable Doubt is dope,” and everybody was on The Blueprint & 2 and all that kind of shit. Everybody was on it hard, and now, Magna Carta… Holy Grail, it’s like even more people are on it, and everybody’s banging it, baby! I’m talking about everybody. I want to ask him, “Do you keep young dudes around you? I mean, what is it, man? Or is it just in your blood to just do really wonderful music?” From the first song with Justin Timberlake singing [sings], it’s like he knows how to make a hit as well. I mean, that’s what he does. He fucking makes hits! Street hits, Top 40 hits, all that, JAY Z got it. I want to fuck with him, you know he got it! I really would like to talk to him.

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