Tech N9ne Says He Will Never Go Out Of Style [Interview]

Nov 12 2013


The ever-ascending and evolving emcee that goes by the name Tech N9ne said he doesn’t plan on going downward anytime soon…or ever.

In an interview with Boombox Tech N9ne makes some surprising revelations and bold proclamations: he watches Sex and the City, had been drinking straight through the Something Else Tour and doesn’t ever plan on stopping the rap game unless it’s at the top.

When explaining why he won’t follow the set industry blueprint for success, Tech says:

Unpolished, unapologetic, Tech N9ne is very aware of what’s expected of him and his Strange Music imprint, but he refuses to follow a blueprint. “That’s why it’s been so hard for me to break through,” he discloses. “Because motherf—ers just want you to do one thing and abuse it, so they can make money and you’re doing that one thing until it goes out of style.”

“I’m never gonna go outta style though,” he affirms. “I’m gonna stop at the top.”

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