Tech N9ne Shares His 10 Essential Rock Albums

Nov 1 2013

Tech N9ne

With Tech N9ne about to drop his debut rock project Therapy, the question begs to be asked: what influenced the rock and roll mindset of one of the world’s most versatile artists?

Music Radar did their part in finding out by asking Tech to name his 10 most essential rock albums. Some of the selections may surprise you. Of course there’s The Doors with Strange Days, but did you expect Bon Jovi to make an appearance with his album Slippery When Wet or Lenny Kravitz with Mama Said? Check out what Tech had to say about the Kravitz album:

“Oh, man! Mama Said takes me back to when I was 19 or 20. I ran away from home and was living with my DJ, Icy Roc. He played Mama Said all day every day.

“I remember sitting under a black light and listening to Lenny. He was always vintage – the vintage guitar sound, the vintage drum sound. He could take you back and move you forward all at once. The Meters used to do that, too, but Lenny pushed it even more. He had the knowledge of the equipment and knew how to craft the sonics in a way that a lot of younger guys didn’t. I learned how to use Leslie cabinets by listening to him.

“’It Ain’t Over ‘til It’s Over’, ‘Always On The Run’ are beautifully written songs. It’s crazy what a good composer Lenny is. I could listen to this all day every day, just like Icy Roc.”

Click here to see the entire list.


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