Tech N9ne Takes Numerous Awards On, Including ‘Top 10 MVPs Of 2013’, ‘Top 20 Rap Albums’ For ‘Therapy’ EP

Dec 27 2013

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Tech N9ne placed ahead of Jay Z in what category? Read on to find out.

As the end of the year awards roll in to mark the end of what has been a big year for hip hop, Tech N9ne has garnered more acclaim, this time from one of the internet’s fastest growing websites for music knowledge and interpretation: has tallied numerous lists, some which are based on the opinions of the users and some strictly on those at the staff of RapGenius. Either way, the results speak for themselves and the consensus is unanimous: Tech N9ne had a hell of a year in 2013.

Perhaps the most impressive is Tech N9ne’s placement as #8 in the list of “Hip Hop MVPs in 2013”, finding himself ahead of the likes of Pusha T and Jay Z.


Tech’s been having his best year ever.His thirteenth studio album Something Elsegarnered solid critical acclaim, is the most commercially successful album of his long career, and proved to be a mainstream breakthrough over twenty years in the making. In addition, like west coast artists Macklemore and Ryan Lewis, this was done completely independent of a major music label. Even though this is his best sellingalbum, he’s made a significant amount of money over the years managing other artists and touring his ass off.

Tech N9ne also placed in the 100 Songs of the Year at #72 with “Straight Out The Gate” and #43 with “Fragile”. He also proved to be a people’s chance with his and The 2013 Genius List, in which RapGenius users ranked who has had the most impact on hip hop in 2013. Tech placed #19 on the vote-generated list.


Tech N9ne placed in RapGenius’s list of Top 20 Rap Albums with the Therapy: Sessions With Ross Robinson EP. The surprise pick from Tech’s two releases in 2013 earned a spot at #18.

RapGenius says

Therapy is an EP with 11 tracks, 4 of which are skits, but as Tech N9ne assures you early on, it is not something he threw together and put out carelessly. Instead, the EP has a very distinct feel, with Tech spitting and doing a bit of singing over what amounts to rock and roll tracks produced by Ross Robinson and Seven. Tech tackles a range of emotions with topics like the failings of the school system to relationship issues. When paired with the unorthodox production, it is strangely effective in getting its message across. By the end of Therapy, most listeners are going to be wishing the EP was longer

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Tech N9ne - Something Else Special Edition


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